Team Members

if you’re a team member…

A few questions for you:

  • are you clear on your role?
  • do you know what you do well?
  • what opportunities do your current assignment offer?
  • what do you believe about this team?
  • when’s the last time you sought open and honest feedback?

Your success…

depends as much on how you see things as it does on how they are. “Intention flows where attention goes”. So if you look for the things that are going well, they go better, while looking for things that are not so great just helps you find more of them.


bullseyeAction Point

  • Get some feedback from people you trust. (Try a personal brand survey)
  • Get clear on your role and responsibilities.
  • Challenge your beliefs about the team, the task, the organisation itself. How do you know these things to be true?
  • Open a dialogue with your team leader. Use the questions on this site to help.
  • Have your team leader contact us today.
  • If you’re stuck, we can help you with some 1:1 coaching wherever you are.
  • Do something different, today, however small. After all, “If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got”
  • Contact us to talk it all through


Boris Becker is quoted as saying “Feedback is the breakfast of champions”. He’s right. Are you hungry though? Feedback is the only way you’ll ever know how to improve, and improvement is what you must be seeking, otherwise you wouldnt have come here.

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