Team Leaders


if you’re a team leader…

Just a few questions:

  • who precisely is on your team, and what are they there for?
  • do they know ?
  • what exactly is your team supposed to be doing?
  • do they know that? Have they actually agreed it?

Your success…

depends to a large degree on the answers that you gave to the above questions. Why?

These questions correspond to the results of research conducted by Hackman as described in “Leading Teams: Setting the Stage for Great Performances” as well as ‘The Litmus test for Leaders’ as defined by Guttman in his recent book “When Goliaths clash“.


bullseyeAction Point

  • List your team. Write down their roles and responsibilities.
  • Ask each team member to do the same, alone and anonymously if need be.
  • Compare the differences. Decide what needs to change. Do you have to include them all? (try to keep to single digits).
  • Have someone outside the team ask everyone what the team is meant to be doing.
  • Compare the differences. Build an action plan to address it.
  • Keep a record for a month of what you notice going well.
  • Write down: how you’ll know things are going well, and what you can do to get more of it.
  • Contact us to talk it all through.

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