Project Management Masterclass

Project Management Masterclass

Project Management has been defined as :

...the application of knowledge, skills and techniques to execute projects effectively and efficiently..."

This seems so straightforward! And at one level, it is. And at a deeper level, we all know how challenging it can be.

"There's nothing between people that isn't complicated"​

​So this interactive masterclass will focus on the soft-skills of project management.

As you'd expect of a masterclass, the exact content will be defined by contracting together with all participants who come along. However, you can expect to cover areas including:

  • Expectation management - the 'why' of your project
  • Getting the best from your team - understanding what makes them tick, their mindset (and how to shift to a more can-do attitude)
  • Giving feedback in a way that really works
  • How to lead from an intentional stance - so that everyone owns the project, not just the PM
  • and more - whatever you bring as your challenges.
Project Management workbooks

You'll be given a customised workbook packed with useful content, so all you need to bring is a pen, your questions, and an enquiring mind ready to explore, learn, share and have some fun. Not something that every project delivers!

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