Ways I can help you.

Do you also believe that...

...work is somewhere that people should enjoy rather than endure? 

As work is frequently performed in teams, and teams are made of people, with all our glorious variations, no one package works for every team.


I use a variety of tools and techniques; and work with you to create a programme or a one-off workshop that is designed and built to achieve what you want. This co-creation usually starts by finding out how the team is currently performing, by measuring 10 'fundamentals'. These include team maturity (Tuckmans Forming-Storming-Norming-Performing), High performance measures (from Lencioni's "Five dysfunctions of a team) and the clarity of their Goals, Roles, processes (Beckhard & Tichy).

In addition...

If you are looking to develop your team over a longer period (however good a workshop may be, the impact does diminish over time) I've developed an Annual team development package where we do some foundation work on an initial day, then re-convene around every 9-12 weeks to review progress and retain focus on the teams' growth.

If you want to give your managers improved 'soft skills'; I have an 'Introduction to Coaching' workshop and can provide an ILM-level 5 Coaching and Mentoring qualification.

If you want to get a clearer vision for your team; I've a 'pet' graphic illustrator who we can call on to help you and the team to create an illustrated vision of the future (Team Visioning Workshop)

Whether you want...

  • to build your team into a high-performing unit; 
  • to equip managers to hold staff more accountable; 
  • to have easier difficult conversations;
  • to understand how to help people grow and develop;
  • your top talent to have 1:1 coaching (to exec. level) ;
  • or just need professional facilitation of a workshop; 

those are all things I've been asked to deliver in the last 10 years. So lets talk - get in touch today !

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