Maximum Effectiveness Workshop

How Much Is A Productive Day Worth To You?

Do you sometimes find it a struggle to be productive? To accomplish all the tasks you want to?  To pursue all those ideas and opportunities available to you?

Do you find yourself getting to the end of the day frustrated at  how little meaningful work you’ve managed to accomplish?

Are You So Busy Putting Out Fires Your Friends Think You’re a Firefighter?

Every so often, do you manage to achieve everything you wanted to, and more, in a day? It feels great doesn’t it? But on other days (maybe the majority of days if we’re honest), do you find you only achieve a fraction of what you know you could and should  have.

If you’re like most business owners I work with, you find yourself reacting to unexpected interruptions or challenges every day:

  • the phone ringing
  • your Inbox pinging
  • an enquiry from a potential client
  • an unexpected problem from a vendor
  • a colleague putting their head around the door and asking “do you have a minute?”.

It’s so easy to focus on urgent things instead of what is important that your working day often ends without much real work achieved. It’s frustrating isn’t it?

Personal Effectiveness Not Time Management

That’s because the key to being productive doesn’t have anything to do with ‘time management’ and everything to do with being effective – “successful in producing a desired or intended result”.

Over the years, in my search for personal effectiveness I’ve read numerous books on time management (I bet you have too). While they generally all have some useful ideas, they all fall far short of giving you a “workable-in-the-real-world” action plan or series of habits you can use.

Your Invitation To Maximum Effectiveness ’18

Once a month, I hold a Maximum Effectiveness Accreditation Workshop in Bristol, UK. To ensure the training delivers on its promises, numbers are limited to a maximum of 20 delegates.

This training isn’t some run-of-the-mill, cookie cutter time management theory. I must confess I’m a complete geek, and love researching and analysing things to the nth degree before implementing them in my training. (I’m a Visiting Fellow at the University of Bristol – extensive and exhaustive research is “my thing”.)

And that’s why all the training in this workshop is based on countless research (much of it cutting edge – you won’t find it anywhere else). I’ve done the hard work for you – so please benefit from my geekiness and let me save you the time!

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll learn :

  • How to create your own Customised Time Utilisation Strategy™ (no more disappointments trying to emulate effectiveness tips from so-called experts)
  • Common misconceptions of time management (many well-known books feature these prominently – follow their advice at your peril!)
  • How the latest cognitive science and neuroscience research affects your personal effectiveness
  • how a strategy developed by the US military can keep you on track with unstoppable, laser-like focus
  • How to recognise your personal Time Vampires – and turn them to dust!
  • How to use your creative side to enhance your effectiveness – even if you don’t think of yourself as ’creative’

The workshop will be interactive, energising, fun and – most importantly – worthwhile for you. You’ll leave with your own tailor-made strategy for ensuring your personal effectiveness and productivity at work every day.

Your registration fee includes:

  • all training materials
  • a course workbook (one that’s actually useful and not just re-hashed common sense)
  • 360 days access to the online version of this course (access to this is ordinarily £197)
  • Tea, coffee and snacks and a hot lunch afterwards in a beautiful location near the historic Clifton Suspension Bridge
  • Momoho Certificate of Accreditation 

Your “No Risk” Guarantee

I’m so certain that your personal effectiveness will be improved by this training – in measurable, trackable, quantifiable ways – here’s my no quibble guarantee: if for any reason you’re not satisfied with the training, just let me know at the end of the workshop and I will refund your fee in total.

If that sounds like a fair and reasonable offer, and you like the idea of working more productively and effectively every day, register for the next available accreditation day by clicking here.

Yours to increased personal effectiveness,


Jonathan Rees

Mohomo – Research-proven training for business people in the real world

P.S. If you’d like to attend this training, I recommend taking note of the much repeated time management maxim – take action today. If you don’t register now, chances are very good that you’ll miss out. Only twenty places are available each month – and I’d love you to be one of those twenty! So get in touch today.

What people like you have said


Very enlightening and informative. Presented in a light hearted, fun and open format. Encouraged interaction with all. Really enjoyable session!

Witheld on request

Very informative, interactive and engaging. You feel involved and supported to learn and develop. Great workshop.

Jordan Howe

Very engaged and took away a lot

Very good trainer, felt very engaged and took away a lot. Good workbook, a lot better than being given pieces of paper - I got more out of it :)

Anon. @ Intel

Really valuable

Really valuable, I have time to review my behaviour and what I need to change and focus on.

Dominika K @ Intel UK

Fantastic session that helps you both in work and home. Focusses you on what is important. Brilliant trainer, thank you

Witheld on request.

Wasn't sure if this would benefit me when I first heard about it. However I found it very relatable to my work/home life. I will definitely use the skills learnt in the future.

Witheld on request

Jonathan is the perfect guide.

Loved the idea of personalising your approach and time depending on who you are. Brilliant to give time and thought to the biggest thing that will impact our success - our use of time! Jonathan is the perfect guide.

Sonja Jefferson

A useful workshop to review issues around resilience, but also priorities and tools to manage.

Stuart Parfitt

Great techniques to fit your own style

It makes you really think through what influences the way you manage time and teaches you great techniques to fit your own style of managing time better.

Maria M @ Intel UK

Save yourself from death by multi-tasking

If you want to learn how to save yourself from death by multi-tasking and get your life back, come on this course (Maximum Effectiveness).

Sharon Tanton

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