Introduction to Keirsey Temperament

What do we mean by ‘Temperament”?

There are two sides to personality, one of which is temperament and the other character.  Temperament is a configuration of inclinations, whilst character is a configuration of habits. Character is disposition, temperament pre-disposition” (David Keirsey)

Dr Keirsey was so fascinated with what made people do as they did that he made it his life’s work. In overview, what he says is that; at our core, we have some built-in attributes that life experience moderates to produce our character.  And while our experience continues to build day by day, our core remains the same.

Temperament theory, as researched and validated by Keirsey, assigns meaningful descriptions to each of 4 groups based on 2 easily observed different factors. Watch the video below to learn more. 

I'm a "certified Temperament Professional" - which means that I'm one of the few people in the UK able to use the Keirsey Temperament Sorter (KTS-II) to generate team as well as individual profiles.

While the KTS-II provides great value to individuals in self-understanding, the real value of the KTS-II tool is when it is used to profile a whole team, including the leader.

Using a Temperament map ª and understanding your teams mission we can do a gap analysis between the relative strengths that you have and you require. Often we find that a team is missing a core strength that can be provided by drawing on the team members skills in a different way, or sourcing it from elsewhere in your organisation

You can find out your Temperament at for free, or get in touch now.

What people like you have said


Empowered the team

Really helpful workshop - thank-you ! The team will be empowered to understand the needs of our clients better and therefore develop and improve our service.

April Keefe - DAS Law

This content is not common sense, it's incredibly useful to understand and learn these (feedback & accountability) techniques.

Ben Cross

Good way to understand what may have gone wrong in the past & how to avoid it happening again.

Chris Payne

Made us profoundly more effective

Having used various similar systems such as Myers Briggs in the past with interesting but not wildly helpful results, we were really delighted with the detail, accuracy and valuable insight that you and the Keirsey Temperament Sorter brought to our working relationship. We had been struggling in our team to work as powerfully together as we knew we were really capable of, because there were some quite fundamental aspects to our styles that we needed to understand, consider and accommodate. Knowing the results and having your brilliant guidance and suggestions through the process has made us profoundly more effective and created a much happier office environment.

Samantha M. - Director, Bristol

Very enlightening and informative. Presented in a light hearted, fun and open format. Encouraged interaction with all. Really enjoyable session!

Witheld on request

Highly highly recommended.

I would have no problem recommending Jonathan. He is a pleasure to work with as: he’s quick to learn and question; tailors his approach to each specific situation; helped to guide my decision making from initial idea generation through to action; delivered exceptional workshops, which are enjoyable, inclusive, fair and at the necessary times direct; and, has helped me to achieve way beyond what I thought was possible from group exercises. Highly highly recommended.

Sean Shiels EngD MIEMA - Systems Centre Manager, University of Bristol

Interesting and informative. Well delivered and included lots of new content that I hadn't learnt previously. Very enjoyable - liked the KTS - ii model.

Kate Baxter

Excellent insights into team

An excellent insight into the behaviour traits of my team and why. Prior to the meeting, I thought it would be a waste of my time !

DI Hulin, Bristol

Input and approach added value to the team.

Jonathan was engaged to work with my senior leadership team of 12 people over the course of twelve months. I found him very knowledgeable and attentive, listening carefully to what we were seeking to achieve, but contributing his own ideas too. He carefully involved me in the planning of a series of workshops which he delivered professionally and flexibly. Colleagues in the team really valued his input and approach which added value to the team.

Daimon Tilley - Managing Director

A game changer for us as a team

It has been a game changer for us as a team. There have been times when things have gone wrong and we haven't been quite sure why. The workshop helped to identify those things and has given us the tools to fix them. It has made us much better at celebrating our differences rather than being tripped up by them. My main take-away is that with trust you can push through just about any challenge together - and it was especially helpful to identify the things that build trust and the things that break them.

Mike Cain - Senior Pastor

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