Does this sound like you?

Are you a leader in a blue-light service - working in a task-oriented, high-complexity and high-stress environment?

Are you working hard to deliver an increasing workload at the same time as having an increasing breadth of responsibility?

Then you’ll be really busy trying to manage the priorities of doing the work, keeping track of what’s happening in multiple areas and simultaneously reporting on it all.

This means that nothing is more important than having a really effective team around you.

When your team is working well, you have time to understand what’s really going on around you, you can be more effective without being ruthless, and you can spend the time growing them so that you’re all more resilient.

When the opposite is true, it is as if there’s sand in the machine. It wears down the cogs and permeates into other things, eroding communication and damaging culture, leading to stress, poor performance, and well-being issues.

Why is maintaining an effective team so difficult?

It's tough because teams are made up of people, and people are all different and constantly changing - however much we might wish that they’d all just play nicely together. And besides dealing with all those 'people issues', you have so many other areas to keep abreast of and critical decisions to make.

But the biggest reason building an effective team and developing your people is so hard is that it takes time and consistent effort. It could be about feedback and accountability, or effectiveness, or coaching skills - but you never have enough time to tackle it properly. You don’t know exactly what’s best to do, you get constantly interrupted and then you feel that the life, energy, and time is being sucked out of your day.

But How?

The answer is to get a development partner who will help you to build the team so you can get on with operating more strategically and keep things running smoothly. That’s where I come in, to help you get things onto an even keel and keep them there.

Perhaps you want greater personal effectiveness, team performance or just more fun from working together. Or maybe you want less confusion, less ‘can’t do’ attitude or less inter-personal fallout. In general, people work with me because they want people to be better at dealing with, and working with, one another. Whatever your team and people-challenges, whatever size your team is, I can help.

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